Love at First Site: La Cornue Château in Carbon Fibre

I once heard that it muttered that if you loved someone you should let it go.

Yesterday marked the starts of the Kitchen & Bath Industry show, a part of the 2015 Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas.  I don't fall in love easily.  I can say that I love my mother.  I love my husband.  I might, just might love Lucky Charms (the cereal for those who don't partake in cereal).


One never expects to find love in the aisles of a trade show, weaving past the throngs of individuals also searching for that one true affair, loaded down with the profiles of hopefuls, toes throbbing, knees wobbling. But yet, there she was. So exotic.  So shiny.  So wondrous.

Amongst the vanilla ranges and tawdry refrigerators waited the La Cornue Château in carbon fiber.  150 or 165 centimeters in length (I was spinning, it was much too difficult to remember).  A French Plaque.  A Power Burner.  And all of that chrome.

I'd began to wonder how, in all my life, I'd lived without such a creature.  How through my few short Earthly years, the chrome and carbon fiber Château had never been part of MY life.  I ogled her.  She posed for me.  Glances were shared and those passing by knew it could only be true love.

Our dance, like this post, was short and sweet, waving goodbye and wiping away the tear that managed to escape from within hoping that one day I'd come face to face with her glistening chrome, deep carbon fiber, and her burning hot aura.

One day my love.... one day.

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