Life's Little #DesignLux-uries: The Art of the Note with Angel Robinson

Of course we on #DesignLux like to talk about the big things. 

We've relaxed with Candy Holladay and ThermaSol.  We've decorated our homes for the holidays with Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo.  And we had some fun in the kitchen with Coryanne Ettienne


But we at DCoopMedia also like to think luxury can be found in the details.  The little things that make life worth enjoying.  Be it a stunning pen and beautiful calligraphy.  Maybe it's a pillow with just the right amount of soft.  Or a piece of delectable chocolate dusted in sea salt.


Which is why once a month, we're going to be devoting #DesignLux to the details that matter the most, to the Little DesignLux-uries.  This month, join #DesignLux with guest host Angel Robinson, New Orleans based couture stationer to chat about The Note - the handwritten card.

What makes a handwritten card so special?  How do you store and display your favorites? And what goes into making the best stationery?  Bring your questions, your thoughts, your memories.  We'll be sharing some of our favorite cards and maybe a little bit of Design Etiquette.

Thursday January 23rd at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

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