Happy New Years: Reflecting on Friendship

Happy New Year Friends!

As I sit here, working on my to-do list for the upcoming few weeks leading into January, I simply can't believe that 2015 has arrived.  I swear it feels like we just finished cleaning up the champagne bottles, glassware, and party favors from that moment when Father Time ushered in 2014.  Where has the time gone?  And more importantly, do I look any older as a result?

Don't point out the wrinkles... I don't even want to know about them.

Actually this past week, while half working/half relaxing, I really spent a great deal of time in reflection, pondering the events and occurrences of the past 365 days.   The launch of a magazine, building the foundation for a media empire, and the wonderful experiences with Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, West Edge, KBIS, and many others. Even more so, I've been reflecting back on the connections, relationships, and furthered friendships that have come out the past year.

The one thing about media is that it certainly ensures that you're always on, always saying hi, always opening up to strangers.  The result is that I feel like I have the biggest family - so many wonderful people both here in the United States and abroad.  All of them, each and every one, make this business worthwhile, the stress bearable, and the investment valuable. So just know that I'm thinking about each and every one of you at this very moment!  Thank you all for your support and continued love :D

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