Relax with Thermasol + #DesignLux - A Spa Day Giveaway

We've arrived ladies and gentlemen! 

We've weathered the ups and downs of 2013 to finally arrive at the pinnacle of yearly activities - the holidays!  We've made it through Thanksgiving (unless you're me and celebrating your third Thanksgiving with in-laws 250 miles away).  We're celebrating Hanukkah.  And up next?  The apex - Christmas.  


Hopefully you've come out of your turkey induced coma.  You're probably combing Pinterest for turkey shaped fruit plates and homemade cranberry sauces.  Or you're wearing through your second pair of running shoes, sale papers in hand, dodging moving cars and women in moo-moos for the very last door buster.  Could it be that you're spending your days decking the halls, every last inch of the abode covered in Christmas cheer?

We're planning for family on our end, preparing to make the journey to the cold winters of Chicago to spend the holiday with my sister and her husband in their new home.  (Wish us luck.... we hear it's cold there already)

We at DCoopMedia know that we can't help you decorate (even though we'll try with the December 5th #DesignLux with designer Amy Beth Dragoo).  And we certainly can't help your cooking (we can help with reservations though!).  And as for family.... well you're on your own there. BUT!  We CAN help you relax once it all comes to an end.



Thanks to our wonderful friends at Thermasol, we're sending YOU (and only you.... don't you dare regift this one!) to the spa.  On Thursday, December 19th we have Spa Goddess Candy Holladay joining #DesignLux as we take a moment to simply relax.  One lucky winner will be sent to the spa of their choice, $100 in hand, for a moment of bliss.  No kids.  No family.  No wrapping. No turkey.  Just you and some hot Fabio type with strong yet tender hands and lavender aromatherapy oils.

Start getting your entries in now and you could be the one under wraps.

And make sure to join #DesignLux on Thursday December 19th for an extra entry!  Join along via Twubs or Twitchat.

DCoopMedia & #DesignLux received compensation for the creation of this post as part of our media partnership with Thermasol.  Images courtesy Burke Williams Day Spa & Massage Center.