Robbe + Berking & BMW Individual - DesignLux at Its Finest



For any automobile enthusiast the idea that is reality can easily be jaded by a few sparse moments spent at a track.  Maybe all it takes is a few back issues of Automobile and living near an exotics dealership.  For me Goldfinger and, more recently, Tower Heist, has played a pivotal role in reshaping my automotive reality.

A great friend of mine (who also happens to be a BMW nut to the nth degree) introduced me to the entirety that is James Bond on the premise that I'd enjoy the car chases.  Anyone who knows me knows just how addicted I am to an enthusiastic chase scene (I do take exception to the Fast and the Furious franchise... not having it).  It wasn't simply enough, however, that 007 and his antagonists possessed in their stables some of the best horses the market could offer but that they all also happened to be equipped with gadgetry that may or may not have been a bit farfetched.  Think about the invisible Aston Martin Vanquish featured prominently in Die Another Day.  Or the self-driving BMW 750iL from Tomorrow Never Dies.

The reality, and you knew I was coming to this point, was that some of these Go-Go-Gadget features weren't so far fetched at all.  Who knew that self parking would be an available feature on many current models?  In time I will be able to Tweet and drive at the same time.  Legally.

But remember Goldfinger?  The Rolls Royce Phantom III owned by one Mr. Auric Goldfinger that turned out to be entirely moulded of gold?  Interestingly enough this feature ALSO exists on certain bespoke automobiles but BMW in their gentlemanly pimpish sort of ways have taken the idea of plating in extraordinary metals to a different, more restrained level.  

A collaboration that I can only assume took place over cigars, pretzel bread and warm German beer in a Bavarian backroom transpired between BMW Individual Manufaktur and world renowned silversmith Robbe & Berking.  The result?  A very special one-off 760Li dubbed "Sterling". 

I could easily yammer on about the prowess that is the current iteration of the 760Li. It's quite easily one of the best looking professional saloons on the market with power and techno-gadgetry to boot.  There are no hidden weaponry but the V12 beast makes up for it with one very special feature.  The famous BMW kidney grille, side trim, and BMW logos; the interior door handles, door sills, and the rest of the trim. Some solid hammered, others plated.  All share one common element - 925 sterling silver.

"It has a uniquely warm glow that instantly tells the connoisseur it is silver and not chrome or polished aluminum" - Oliver Berking, CEO of Robbe & Berking on the qualities of silver

An individual vehicle of this manner is no easy feat, combining layers of handmade craftsmanship in a machine made automobile, but it's something that BMW Individual has been pulling off for 20 years starting with special vehicles made for Chanel's Carl Lagerfeld.   And I don't believe there are any intentions of stopping. 

Then again the world's taste for industry blends of automotive and fashion trends continues to grow with Hermes editions from Bugatti, the Gucci branded Fiat 500, and even Prada's collaboration with Hyuandai. 

I certainly hope it doesn't stop.  

But BMW.... rocket launcher please.   

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