RoundUp: The Copper Pendant

D'Scoop spent the better part of 2013 defending the designer choice to go brass.  I mean, we even penned a monologue about just how much a** Brass Kicks [click here].  We found ourselves fawning over it at trade shows in the form of faucets and cabinetry details and inlays and.....

But the biggest complaint about Brass isn't that it isn't stunningly beautiful in the right shade but that FINDING the right shade of brass can be one of the most difficult searches of all time. And what if you want something WARMER than Brass?

Well that's where copper comes in.

And so for our first RoundUp of the new year, we bring you nine of our favorite copper pendants.  From Tom Dixon's spherical masterpieces and sleek renditions by Bec Brittain to fractal concoctions by Iacoli & McAllister and David Derksen.

Tell us... which one would you hang in your home?

[clicking on the photo will take you to the artist's site]

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All images courtesy the manufacturers.  DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post.