The Scene - Studio Maha Portrays String Theory & the 11 Dimensions

Let's be honest. throughout my high school and college years, I was 100%, wholeheartedly an Arts and English guy.  Try as I might, and, believe me, I tried over and over again, I just couldn't get into the theories of science or make one plus one equate to anything other than two.  My mind simply didn't work in that overly logic, everything has proof kinda way.

That's probably why I chose interior design over architecture.

It should come as no surprise, then, that after receiving an invitation for Studio Maha's latest exhibition, 11 Dimensions: Through Abstracted Reflections, I immediately had to open the Google app on my phone.  I mean, how else was I to know that 11 Dimensions actually referred to M-Theory in physics and the 11 dimensions of the universe.

The general premise behind String Theory's M-Theory is an attempt to unify all five of the varying theories with the examination of specific identifications and dualities and that, ultimately, spacetime can be identified by seven higher dimensions plus four common dimensions.  Confused?  Yeah... me too.

In this particular exhibit, Maha Comianos, the force behind visual arts and architectural photography studio Studio Maha, combines organic, free-flowing design motifs with a variety of mixed materials - from acrylic and resin to iron shavings and salt, elegantly depicting each of the 11 Dimensions of M-Theory in a simplified manner and with an emphasis on nature's connection to these scientific principals.

Each of the works, what Comianos calls "a study of reality and its alternates", becomes a literal connection between the concrete truths and evidence based theories and the more figurative, art world.  Not necessarily poking fun at, but instead, offering up a bit of whimsey to the sciences, a normally staid, straight laced actuality.

Each of the ten components making up the full collection exhibit highly organic sensibilities. Not to mention, each has an almost Impressionist-like quality, well thought out layouts the result of Comianos' background as an architectural photographer.  Timeless Possibilities, for example, depicting the seventh and eight dimensions, is almost pastoral, a scientific landscape of sorts, with nothing more than a heavy "horizon line" breaking the canvas in two.  Beyond Matter, representing the ninth dimension, continues the landscape thematic, layers of pastel and jewel toned hues evoking the feeling of standing on a landscaped hill, fog rolling into the valley below.  And Alternate Parallels, is so near to being a yellowed translation of an early morning spiderweb that I'm almost fearful to step close.

Artwork doesn't necessarily need to be significant.  But it does, instead, need to have significance. There should be some sort of underlying connection to any work of art, no matter how small.  In this case, the significance is the world.  Or at least the world of Physics.  

11 Dimensions: Through Abstracted Reflections
Exhibiting now through 25 April 2014 at Glashaus // 1815 Main Street, San Diego 92113

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