A Social Media ReBoot: Going Back to the Basics with #DesignLUX

Welcome to 2015!

#DesignLUX is BACK! It's been a long two weeks since we spent a Thursday gathered 'round the Twitter dashboard getting our #DesignLUX on and chatting about Luxury Technologies for the Home with another great Thursday chat - #TecHomeTalk.  Hopefully all of you have had a relaxing and cheerful holiday season and are ready to get back into the groove.  We know that we certainly are!

If you're anything like me, as soon as the holiday is over you're clearing away the clutter - going through drawers, boxes, closets, and corners eliminating the unnecessary brick-a-brack that collects during a calendar year.  New Year's Day I spent my afternoon cleaning out my garage and putting away Christmas decor.  Personally, I think it's necessary in allowing one to move forward with a clean slate in the new year.

Just like our homes, our Social Media profiles also deserve a clean up of sorts - revisiting our editorial calendars, our connections, and how we function both with and without SoMe.  #DesignLUX, for it's first chat of the new year, is doing just that - giving our readers a Social Media ReBoot.  We'll be going back to the fundamentals, looking at etiquette, analyzing just what's important to our campaigns, and pondering SoMe's place in the Real World.  Bring not only your questions but also your tips, tricks, and suggestions for a fast paced hour dedicated to putting the Social back in Social Media.


#DesignLUX | Thursday January 8th 2015, 1pmPT/4pmET

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