#SocialSaturday - Abstract Art & Authentic Tacos

We'd originally scheduled three stops on our weekend excursion - the showing of works by Hill & Stump and Prudence Horne at the Kettner Studio Arts Building (my old studio building I might add), a jaunt down to the barrio for a swimwear showing by a new label, and then finally a hop over the border for a showing of screenprints representing the US/Mexico border by 25 artists from around the world.

But even the best made plans can come part or lead you astray and, this weekend, our #SocialSaturday field trip was no different. 

SPRING: New Paintings by Hill & Stump and Prudence Horne

By now you should all know that Hill & Stump - artists Daphne Hill and Anna Stump - are theTwentySIX favorites.  I never pass up an opportunity to chat about the beauty of avian flu over a few cocktails. Paired with colleague and fellow San Diego artists Prudence Horne (responsible for the hand colored drawing of a penis that looks like a penguin residing in my office) you know the conversation will be fun.  At least this part of the evening went as planned, having flocked to Hill & Stump's newest compositions depicting birds in various artistic styles, and drinking along side Horne's pixelated water scenes.

Hill & Stump | www.hillandstump.com

Prudence Horne | www.prudencehorne.com

South of the Border

If only I could say that the rest of the evening went so well. Next up should have been a showcase of swimwear from a local San Diego fashion designer.  Sadly, nobody, in the words of Prince, Had the Look and whilst a bit of a fight broke out near the stage, editor Aubry and I made a quick exit.  Maybe it was the missing models that stemmed the fight between two burly men or maybe the very tiny crowded venue or it could have been the somewhat tone deaf singer belting out 1960's London pop tunes that had nothing to do with any part of the showcase.  Either way, it was a bust.

Word to the wise: if you promise busty women in swimsuits, deliver.

Living so close to an international border means that we have a second great art scene at our fingers.  Even better is that depending on where you happen to be in TJ you may still be on US cellular reception (just say no to roaming!).  I'd like to say that I'm relatively good with directions and even better when I have a map in my hand.  But in this case, an hour of driving 'round Tijuana and a bout with a wrong turn on a round-about going the opposite direction resulted in only one thing - tacos.  Never has defeat been so tasty! 

I'll take great conversation with a Mexico City architect, pork and asada tacos, and Coca-Cola made with real sugar any day.

Tacos Puebla | Carreterra Federal 1 Libertad, Tijuana BC, Mexico

Happy Memorial Day Readers!

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