Steam & The Art of Travel

Many of my readers be it on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or {insert social media platform here} know just how much of a junkie I can be when it comes to trade shows.


I'm always on a plane or in a car on my way to yet another display of new design and have often times found myself packing for one immediately after having unpacked from another.  At times it can be rather taxing.  I can't tell you the number of times I've had to stop what I'm doing and pray to all the gods that there might be a bottle of wine nearby.

And yet, even after having traversed the floors of no fewer than 18 shows in 2013 alone spread over multiple states and two countries I still find myself plugging along.  In fact, I just finished two very full days of automotive introductions with the Los Angeles Auto Show.  My feet are killing me (one might be sprained), my manicure disappeared long ago, and I'm certain I've racked up one heck of a drycleaning bill.

But even with sprained feet and blisters and cracked manicures and sore backs, there is one thing I do hate the most.  You see, I'm so often tied up by meetings, press conferences, and cocktail parties that I rarely if ever get to take advantage of the spas in the hotels I stay.  I mean, how do you explain to a sponsor or advertiser or member of the ultra-glam D'Scoop Stalkeratzi that you just can't commit to meeting because you're on your way to a treatment in the hotel's steam room.  Or maybe it's a quick massage during lunch. 

You see where I'm going with this right?

So for a working jetsetter like me, it means that I've had to take what is available at hand and turn it into my own moment of serenity. This is where the power of steam comes in! 

When flying and I'm tucked into my little corner of coach, I'm the one with a seeping cup of tea, my nose nearly touching the rim.  The whips of warm water vapor emanating from the boiling liquid no simply ensuring a hydrating breath of fresh air but also helping to refresh the skin around my face so that I'm not stepping off a United flight with the appearance of having spent time in a dehydration machine (read: jerky).


Or when I'm back in my hotel after hours and hours of walking, talking and smoozing, I'm the one that holes themselves up in the bathroom, shutting the door.  Running the shower at full HOT, thick clouds of steam enveloping little ole me to the point that paint may or may not be peeling off of the walls. As an aside, this is quite simply why wallpaper does not belong in any hotel bathroom.... that is unless you're planning for a renovation.

And if I'm lucky enough to have a suite with a kitchen (or at the very least, a hot plate), I'm asking for a tea kettle. I'm sure I don't need to go into detail but it involves me, a clean towel, and a boiling kettle of water.

I'm feeling relaxed already!

So tell me readers, what are your favorite tips for winding down while traveling?

We'd like to thank the great people behind Thermasol for sponsoring today's relaxation moment!

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