Going Beyond Green: Taking Environmental Responsibility with #DesignLUX & TOTO

Is the act of “Being Green” enough? The popular perception of sustainability falls short, its primary focus being activities such as recycling, taking reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, using labeled as green products, or buying a hybrid. These tasks, which many consumers have integrated into their day-to-day lifestyles, are a great start. Because of them, sustainability has become mainstream. But is this enough?

If we each take responsibility in shifting our behavior, we can trigger the type of change that is necessary to achieve sustainability for our planet. We change our planet, our humanity every day, every year, every decade, and ever millennia.
— Yehuda Berg

The reality is that there is more to being sustainable than just “being green”. It’s looking beyond the product and examining the process. It’s examining the bigger picture rather than our own corner. It’s about asking the question “what are you doing to make sustainability a bigger part of your life?” and getting an intelligent answer.

To celebrate #EarthDay2015, #DesignLUX with Toto, this Thursday, April 23rd, will set their sights on the six components that make up a full-scale environmental vision, including those activities which aren’t normally included in the public’s quest for sustainability. Toto will lead by example, providing insight into their environmental contributions and practices beyond simply creating a product perceived as green. We'll be sharing tips, advice, and inspiration to promote intelligent conversation as well as personal and business examples that may help contribute to the fulfillment of one's full-scale environmental responsibility. 

Also, we'll also be touching on California's drought crisis, something that hits very close to home for the #DesignLUX team.

the TOTO Global Environmental Vision
water, earth & a better better tomorrow

#DesignLUX | April 23rd, 2015 | 1pmPT/4pmET
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