I Give Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is once again upon us.  Another year, speeding past at light years.  It's amazing how quickly 2014 presented itself and then quickly disappeared.  Tonight (I'm writing Thanksgiving's post the night before....) with my French Gimlet laying in the living room, I can't help but contemplate how different 2014 was from 2013.  So many changes.  So many amazing transformations and transitions.  After practicing for some 14 years as a designer I can't even begin to believe just where I've found myself today. 

And it is because of that transformation that I find myself here, on D'Scoop, giving thanks. Today, I'm THANKFUL. 

I'm thankful that the pains of 2013 have led to the excitements that are 2014.  Not only am I in the midst of doing something new and exciting, but I feel like what I'm doing now is making a difference in the industry.  I'm thankful for all of the great people who join in weekly to celebrate the best of Luxury Design with #DesignLUX.  I'm thankful for the tens of thousands of readers who flip through the pages of theTwentySIX, digesting our road trips, trends, and editorial. I'm thankful for all of our sponsors, supporters, advertisers, and fans; without you I couldn't get up in the morning and do what it is that I now so love to do. 

I'm thankful for all of my friends and family - both new and old - who continue to listen to my stories, share envy of my adventures, and keep me sufficiently liquored up so that I might get up the next morning and continue to be a player in this crazy world of media.  I love that all of you continue to be my sounding board...it isn't all good but it helps to have people just as crazy with whom to share your wild musings.

I'm thankful that even after some of the not so great events of the beginning of the year (health issues being one) that there is a sense of normalcy coming back into my life...as normal as driving Lamborghinis and going to awards shows can be.  One never realizes just how important having that sense of stability can be until it's no longer there.

And most importantly, I'm thankful that I have Another to share my life with, all of my life.  There have been ups and downs but I'm thankful that Steve has been there supporting my new found vision, celebrating my victories, and being the shoulder on which I cry for the failures. 

There are amazing things to come for DCoopMedia, for me, for my Team.  And I'm thankful that I have all of you to share in them. To everyone reading, have a very happy Thanksgiving!

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post. Images thanks to Daisy Fromkin, Angel Robinson, Aubry Leigh, and Jeanne Chung and may not be used without permission.