Forget the Rug, Sweep it into the Baseboard Instead - CentraLux by Aerus

Listen, I'm all for any product that has Lux in the name.


The truth is, I'm lazy.  When it comes to cleaning round the house, if it weren't for Maria who comes every other week I'd have these little dust lines throughout my house.  I've hardwood floors. And a dog. And a 34 year old child.  Those of you who have any of that conversation know what I mean.


So of course, dustpans and I don't get along (which explains all of those little dust lines....).

Which is why I think the VacPan is probably the most perfect product since Chanel made a concealer.

Hit the foot pedal, sweep in debris.  Done.

And I'm assuming that it can all be done with one hand leaving the other hand free for your beverage of choice (like a gimlet.... or glass of wine).

VacPan & CentraLux | Aerus

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post.  Images courtesy Aerus Vacuum Systems.