Stocking Stuffers - Yesteryear's Vintage Sporting Goods Revived

Once upon a time, Santa's Sleigh was not overrun with video games, cell phones, and the latest technological craze.  The Elves in the North Pole workshop didn't require several degrees in physics and electronics to fulfill the dreams of children. Blocks, fire-trucks, dolls, and footballs were the stuff dreams were made of.

Call me nostalgic.  Or maybe just call me olde fashioned.  It might just be that I've spent much too much time engrossed in classic Christmas movies this weekend. 

White Christmas.  Holiday Inn.  The Christmas Story.

And then an email arrived.  Ironic actually.  The email featured a handmade leather basketball with yellow stitching.  Not one of those newfangled balls with weird rubber textures and overwrought graphics, but simple, classic, and rather reminiscent of the ones my grandfather used in high-school many moons ago.

Were there more like it?  Were there other craftspeople stuffing stockings with vintage dreams and old-world craftsmanship? Sure enough there were.  And because I don't think we're alone in our nostalgia, D'Scoop has put together five our our favorite Made in the USA hand made sporting goods.

Now if you can only find your Letterman jacket or class ring.....

1880's Style Ring Bat with Corded Handle - Huntington Base Ball Co.

Replicating top of the line bats in use during the latter parts of the 19th century, Kentucky's Bill Rayburn turns this bat from northern ash before adding hand painted rings, a rubbed finish and a corded grip adding a truly tactile element to this little piece of sports history from Huntington Base Ball Co.  Come to think of it, a game of ball with this bat is, quite simply, a game in a League of Its Own.
$175.00 - Huntington Base Ball Co.
Images courtesy Huntington Base Ball Co.

1920's Boxing Gloves (Gants de Boxe) - John Woodbridge & Sons

If you're going to throw a punch, make sure your opponent receives a fistful of hand-polished French leather tanned in Italy by way of John Woodbridge & Sons' hand-sewn Gants de Boxe.  Reminiscent of a time when Boxing was actually considered gentlemanly, your opponent might actually thank you for the privilege.
approx. $116.00 - John Woodbridge & Sons
Images courtesy John Woodbridge & Sons

Naismith Style Lace-Up Basketball by Leather Head

Forget nubby rubber.  Basketball was meant to be played in leather.  Leather Head has brought back the American Basketball of our grandfathers, hand-stitching eight leather panels and tanned leather laces into their Naismith Style Lace Up Basketball.  Bring this ball to the courts and the other team might disregard your Double Dribble.
$195.00 - Leather Head Sports
Images courtesy Leather Head Sports

Nikona x Shinola Baseball Glove

A game of catch is more or less ingrained in American tradition.  Kids in a backlot.  Father and Son in the front yard.  Even the trip to the ballpark to catch (hopefully) a foul ball.  The common thread? A leather glove.  Shinola & Nokona's Baseball Glove, entirely cut, stitched, and stamped by hand, keeps that tradition alive, whether conjuring up memories of a childhood past or making entirely new ones.
$435.00 - Shinola Detroit
Images courtesy Shinola Detroit

Lemon Ball Baseball in Brown Chromexcel - Unionmade

Forget a Wilson, if you're going to throw the ball around Christmas morn, make it a hand-stitched Lemon Peel Style baseball from Unionmade.  Let the lingering smell of Horween Chromexcel leather become their own memory.
$38.00 - Unionmade Goods
Images courtesy Unionmade Goods

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