Wicker for 2015: Hot or Not? D'Scoop Asks YOU to Weigh In

In the world of media the end of a year and beginning of a new calendar can mean only one thing - every writer, editor, and intern between publishes at least one trend report for the upcoming year.  I don't judge, we did the same thing in our very first issue of theTwentySIX.

This weekend, Bazaar (The Hot List: 15 for 2015), known more for their fashion sense then their decorating style, included wicker in decor as a hot trend to follow for the upcoming year.  Being a show junkie myself I can't say that I'd have ever picked Wicker as a 2015 trend.  Sure, I have a fondness for vintage Victorian and Heywood Wakefield pieces but I wouldn't include it in my own home. 

Naturally and because I know there are others out there who are more opinionated than I, I had to ask - Wicker for 2015: Hot or Not? Just a few of the responses....


"Whenever I see wicker, painted in an amazing color or not, it just looks so dated and typical to me.  It's always shown in the sunroom or a Southern home with the glass top table to match.  I've never seen it look sleek or updated" - Donna Frasca, Decorating by Donna


"I am not a fan of wicker. I have a client who has wicker in her kids' room...we freshened it with turquoise blue knobs which were sea horses.  So it can work in certain instances."
- Catherine Avery, Resovate Office Design

"I'd like to see what's new and hot in wicker and then reserve judgement.  it's one of those elements that can go right or really wrong super easy."
- Angel Robinson, WriteRobinson Couture Stationery

"The wicker being produced today is trend savvy, sleeker lines, and can be used indoor/outdoor.  The painted white wicker of the old has clunky lines and outdated floral cushions.  So I guess it depends.  For someone wanting it for sentimental reasons, [they] can have it painted darker and update it with new Sunbrella bold stripe fabrics." - Selma Kwaja Hammer, Selma Hammer Designs


"I think it can be timeless and classic ... and since we can find it in all forms it can suit a multitude of styles and settings.  We see it a lot both indoors and outdoors - and yes, by rooms styled by well known designers like Miles Redd and the iconic Albert Hadley"
- Jessica Gordon Ryan, The Entertaining House

"Hot for me mixed with modern elements.  Love the woven bar stools from Janus and am incorporating them into a project now.  Instant warmth and texture and chic navy too!"
- Denise McGaha, Denise McGaha Interiors

"Vintage wicker always, I don't do trends." - Veronika Miller, Modenus

"I love old wicker in the right setting.  New, absolutely not for me" - Mary Jo Mathleson

"Wicker is always in to me.  Definitely depends on the space but it's a classic."
- Lisa Dickner-Goulet, Lisa Goulet Design

"Vintage wicker is always in, in my book.  I think like every thing, if overused, it's an 'out'.  Matched patio sets are boring - just like matched upholstery or casegoods.  But interesting pieces always add texture to a space."
- Linda Merrill, Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings

"Personally, I love traditional wicker and have it in my sunroom.  But as a professional, there are also many sleek, contemporary options that capture the relaxed, summer vibe of wicker, yet are still updated and fresh."
- Susie Feia, Feia Construction LLC

So there you have it! Readers what do you think?  Is wicker one to watch in 2015 or was Bazaar off their rattan rocker?

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