David Nicolas : Nilufar Gallery


Not unlike the Morris Chair made wildly popular by 19th century craftsman Gustav Stickley, Chaise Maurice, an adaptation of a once popular Lebanese chair brought to life by design studio David Nicolas, also makes use of a strikingly simple mechanical element to provide a vast spectrum of seating positions.  The artists, rendering the mechanics in brass and pairing them with American Walnut and supple leather, successfully transition the turn of the century chair into a place of respite for the modern interior space. 

The Chaise Maurice was produced as a limited edition for Nilufar Gallery, €14,000.00.

David Nicolas
2119 rue Pharaon - Mar Mikhael
P.O. Box 17- 5743
Beirut, Lebanon

Nilufar Gallery
via della spiga, 32
20121 Milano, Italy