Kate Pankoke : Elaya Vaughn Bridal

 Photo by Kirsten Miccoli, Courtesy of Elaya Vaughn

Photo by Kirsten Miccoli, Courtesy of Elaya Vaughn


It may be that we’ve just pissed off the Gods of Fashion.  Don’t get us wrong, the tailored designs of one Ms. Wang do certainly elevate the aisles they grace.  But for us, when it comes to such a monumental occasion, the swaths of fabric into which we may slip should do more than just elevate.

Finding inspiration in the most un-bridal of influences, whipping them into diaphanous, fantastical, and, dare we say, mischievous vestments, it is Kate Pankoke doing just that.
A Project Runway alum, the darling talent behind Elaya Vaughn Bridal isn’t simply designing dresses in her quiet Washington DC studio. Here, the Chicago transplant brings to virgin cloth the inner personalities found deep within each of her brides, the unique couture gowns becoming examples of personal expression untamed by the rules of ceremonious restraint.

So, Vera, we do love your work.  But when it comes to our special day, we just happen to love Kate more.  

Nothing personal of course.  

Pictured above, Pankoke's "Winnie" is just one of the diaphanous gowns that make up the designer's 2016 Bridal Collection.

Kate Pankoke
for Elaya Vaughn

908 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Ground Floor – Suite B
Washington DC 20003