photo by brandon a. smith

photo by brandon a. smith

by JR

It is through an encyclopedic compilation of, over-scaled black and white murals plastered against the structural boundaries of gritty back streets, candid snapshots of passerby in-the-moment, and staid portraits hung formally in minimal white galleries that the artist only known as JR answers the question he so abruptly asks the reader.

Words, in this case, mean little in his tome developed with Phaidon Press for the artist turned author and philosopher adopts the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” letting image after nondescript image answer on his behalf.

His is not a glossy, sugarcoated answer, of course.  Though neither is the short and long-term effect art has on an ever more volatile world. Not that either really matter as one thing is for certain, Art, especially his art, isn’t about coming to a supposedly happy ending.  

Instead, it is his highly graphic brand of art (not to mention his unapologetic volume) that is a catalyst for doing rather than seeing, bringing about a deeper insight into and eventual understanding of the human experience. 

from Phaidon Press

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