Spaces of Serenity

 photo by Brandon A. Smith

photo by Brandon A. Smith


Every so often, during the occasional odd moment when productivity is sacrificed for a few moments of cinematic pleasure, I’ll happen across a program promoting the vestiges of tiny home living.  It is during that moment, if ever so fleeting, that I wonder “what if?”

What if I were to leave it all behind?

And with the opening of a closet door or a glance in the direction of shelf after book-stacked shelf, I am hurled back to reality.  I’ve never been one to hold on to every little thing for the sake of sentimentality.  

On the other hand, I’ve never packed a few belongings into a backpack, wandering the crests and valleys of far away lands. I, like most people, just need a little room to breathe.

And maybe that’s just it.  Maybe one really needs just a place to exhale. A few feet to call one’s own. To be one’s self.  To reflect.  But mainly, to just breathe.

Highlighted in an equally small-scale volume are six freestanding structures, the skillful works of architect Jeffrey S. Poss, FAIA. Constructed from a multitude of materials – galvanized steel, red cedar, concrete block – each of the compact abodes exist to serve one singular purpose.  

For these architectural marvels, these Spaces of Serenity, their purpose and reason for being is quite simply to share with their lucky owners a few un-complicated cubic feet in which to accomplish the one task we find so hard to do.

Although it is the real world that dictates my need for closet space, it is through the vibrant images and simple illustrations of Poss’ pictorial that I may live vicariously.

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