M.Y. Taransay

 Photos by Wioletta Kowalska.  Courtesy of Rossinavi.

Photos by Wioletta Kowalska.  Courtesy of Rossinavi.


Executed by Rossinavi with interiors by Studio Tassin Design

For some time something has been missing in the design of modern-day ocean going vessels.  Call it a yearning for timespast.  Or maybe just a desire to dress in all white - from Sperry Top-Siders on my feet to the straw boater resting just so atop my golden locks.

Wait!  Piercing the gray mist and tepid waves is the 128-foot M.Y. Taransay.  Casting aside the streamlined decks and equally spaced portholes or today's futuristic yachts, she instead is cloaked in the spirit of vessels past, as if she has just returned from Martha's Vineyard circa 19-Kennedy-3.

Why sail into what can only be a horribly bland future when, instead, one can sail full steam into such a wonderfully gilded past?

M.Y. Taransay can be charted for summer Mediterranean voyages through Camper & Nicholsons International with rates starting at approximately $90,000 / week.


Via Marina de Levante, 4/B - 55049
Viareggio - Lucca, Italy

Studio Tassin Design
corso Torino 9, interno 11
16129 Genova, Italy