The Terra Cotta Studio : Vietnam

 Photo by Oki Hioyuki, courtesy of Tropical Space Co. Ltd.

Photo by Oki Hioyuki, courtesy of Tropical Space Co. Ltd.


It is nestled into the rolling plains that line the Thu Bon river in Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province that one finds the quiet workshops of the country’s silk, mat, and terra cotta artisans and craftspeople.  While each of these traditional places of creation dotting the quiet countryside is inspired by and finds a connective thread in the adjacent river, so too does each personify the personalities of the maker residing within.

Exuding the appearance of strength and permanence as well as a persona defined by delicate luminosity, the creative studio of artist Le Duc Ha, designed by Tropical Space Co. Ltd., become one with the surrounding environment.  Here, the artist and his handicrafts are free to interact with the sun and moonlight that pierce the clay walls of the functional structure. At once its open-work exoskeleton of hand-made brick highlights the organic sensitivities inherent in the artist’s work and encourages connection with the world beyond by inspiring conversation and observation from those passing by.

Le Duc Ha Terra Cotta
Dien Phuong, Dien Ban
Quang Nam Province
Việt Nam

Tropical Space Co., Ltd.
785/1 Lũy Bán Bích
P. Phú Thọ Hòa
Q. Tân Phú
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