All prices and fees are listed in US dollars.


A retainer may be required to be on deposit where required by an executed agreement.  Retainer funds are applied to invoices as they become due, oldest invoices first. Funds deposited on retainer are only valid during the term of the retainer agreement. Retainer amount must be paid prior to the commencement of any project or campaign.

Retainer funds are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Invoices, unless otherwise noted, are payable within fifteen days of the posts date. 

Advertising must be paid in full within seven (7) days of the release of the issue in which artwork appears. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Modifications and/or cancellations within five (5) days of an issue’s release will be subject to an additional charge.

#DesignLUX sponsorships must be paid in full prior to the start of any promotional period. In the case of multi-month partnerships, retainer/deposit must be paid in full prior to the commencement of any promotional period.

Unpaid and/or partially paid invoices are subject to periodic interest per month plus an administration fee of $55.00 per calendar month payment is past due. In the case of invoices unpaid after forty-five (45) days from the invoice due date, DCoopMedia reserves the right to discontinue/halt ALL work until account has been brought to good standing. DCoopMedia can not be held liable for delays or other results caused by non-payment.

Payments can be made using Cash, Checks drawn on a US bank, Bank/Cashier’s checks or Credit/Debit cards through Paypal.

Checks returned by the banking institution will be assessed a $30.00 charge.


DCoopMedia will provide an approximate time-line for specified projects as required.  DCoopMedia reserves the right to refuse additional projects on the basis of workload.


DCoopMedia will not share information related to and/or connected with any project or client with third parties unless otherwise agreed upon or otherwise covered under our privacy policy. Except in the case of #DesignLUX Partnerships or otherwise agreed upon, DCoopMedia reserves the right to accept commissions, advertising, and editorial content from competing brands within the same market.


DCoopMedia’s entire liability for any and all projects is limited to the billed value of services rendered. DCoopMedia disclaims any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and/or warrant of merchant-ability for any aspect of our work used in a project.  DCoopMedia is further indemnified for any errors, omissions, misrepresentations, or other act/failure which gives rise to any real claim for actual, consequential, or incidental damages which may arise from a completed project/campaign.

Client assumes all liability for content and claims made against DCoopMedia that may arise from the use of Client provided content.


All content, artwork, campaigns and promotions developed by DCoopMedia will meet the guidelines of the FTC.  DCoopMedia will not be held liable for any content produced in conjunction with a campaign or project and posted to media channels that has not been developed and reviewed for compliance by DCoopMedia.


DCoopMedia, LLC retains full copyright and rights to authorship as they apply to all Intellectual Property developed by DCoopMedia, including but not limited to photography, written content, graphics, etc. DCoopMedia reserves all legal rights as granted under currently applicable laws and rulings.

In the case of works considered WORK FOR HIRE - DCoopMedia retains full copyright, granting CLIENT an exclusive, worldwide limited use license for the purposes of printing, copying, emailing, web/print publishing, and those other uses included within the parameters of an executed agreement. Exclusivity does not apply to photographic content provided by DCoopMedia unless agreed upon otherwise. Intellectual Property may not be altered, edited, or changed by any means without DCoopMedia, LLC’s written consent.

In the case of CLIENT provided/sourced content (3rd party content): DCoopMedia may require documentation of ownership/permission to use prior to use of 3rd party content. DCoopMedia can not be held liable for unauthorized use or any other liabilities stemming from its inclusion within a contracted publication.

For additional copyright information, please visit our notice of copyright page.


For questions or clarification, please contact DCoopMedia via the contact page.