American Contemporary : A Wood-Mode Perspective
Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Different from the high-gloss examples prevalent in European markets and the "techy" minimalist styles preferred in the Far East, the American Contemporary style can be defined as being more "home-grown". Exemplified by the works of the late Michael Graves, the simple furnishings hand-crafted by the Shaker and Amish communities, and the iconic architecture of Fallingwater, our take on contemporary embraces heritage, tradition, and elements of warmth.

Wood-Mode tasked for a second time the staff at DCoopMedia with the curation and development of a Look Book highlighting the unique take American architects and designers have on the contemporary design style.

The final product highlights the stylistic elements and inspiration that make up the foundation of the aesthetic we’ve labeled American Contemporary as well as serve as a project showcase, celebrating the creativity and innovation of Wood-Mode’s showrooms, designers, and partners. Along side a curated collection of completed projects featuring Wood-Mode and Brookhaven products are quips from the country’s top designers and original lifestyle photography, together providing a highly graphic look at a home-grown aesthetic.

This Look Book is the second in a series.

Art Direction, Copywriting, Editing, Photography, Print Design